Pemahaman Masyarakat terhadap UUPKDRT serta Dampaknya terhadap Terjadinya Kekerasan dalam Rumah Tangga


Harmonious households can occur due to several factors that support, including factors such as comfort, compatibility, the existence of goals and trust. Conversely, households that are not harmonious occur because of several factors, including the lack of compatibility and frequent conflicts. This research focuses on how the level of understanding and the impact of community understanding of UUPKDRT. The level of community understanding of Cangkring Village, Jenggawah Subdistrict, regarding the PKDRT Law is still low. They do not know that there are many kinds of violence, including physical violence, psychological violence, sexual violence, economic violence and domestic violence violence. The impact of the low understanding of the people of Cangkring Village on the PKDRT Law and also the low understanding of various forms of violence in household causes the high incidence of violence in the household whether it is realized consciously or not. Keywords: Understanding, Domestic violence, impact