Acceleration of Mega Merger of SOE Sharia Banks in Indonesia through Revitalization of Sharia Economic Law in Islamic Boarding Schools


Generally, we can see that law is all rules of behavior in norms regulating orders among societies. Likewise, sharia economic law regulates policies of the community in economic activities, and the application of this rule in Indonesia can be studied through Islamic boarding schools as a place for Islamic scientific education. The condition of this Indonesian pesantren is no longer only studying classical sciences. Still, also it has developed by studying modern sciences such as studies in several Indonesian pesantren which have revitalized sharia economic law as a study, which is included in the science curriculum and equipped with institutional facilities to support learning in providing an overview of sharia economic practices. Accordingly, the program has become one of the instruments for accelerating the mega-merger of Islamic banks. This research used qualitative methods with data collection through interviews and direct observations in the field. This study found that Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia have provided Islamic economic, scientific facilities, and Islamic microfinance institutions to support learning Islamic economic law to introduce knowledge and provision of Islamic economic practices so that students could apply Islamic economic values. Meanwhile, the existing programs in Indonesian Islamic boarding schools produced reliable students in the sharia economy to support the acceleration of the Islamic Bank's mega-merger through several programs such as the study of muamalah fiqh books, in collaboration with education and training held by financial institutions owned by Islamic boarding schools as well as employment programs for alumni of pesantren and guiding Islamic banking.