The Use of Social Media as Learning Resources to Support the New Normal


This article aims to study the use of social media as a learning resource. Basically, social media tends to be freely used by various circles, both in terms of cost and time spent. In addition, looking at the economic conditions during the declining COVID-19 pandemic, making social media can be used as an alternative step to learning resources compared to other learning application platforms that tend to be paid. Based on these facts, the authors are interested in studying social media’s use as an alternative learning resource in favor of the New Normal policy that the government has now applied. One of New Normal policies decided by the government is to optimize the process of blended learning or full online in the implementation of education at every level. Thus, social media can be used to learn because of the simple process that makes it easier to learn in its use. There have been many studies that reveal the success of social media use, especially Youtube, Instagram, and WhatsApp, as learning resources before the pandemic so that social media can be used as a learning resource during New Normal life. Hopefully, through social media, this can be one of the alternative troubleshooting learning problems in the New Normal period.