Hubungan Kampanye Pencegahan HIV AIDS Terhadap Sikap Pada Penderita HIV/AIDS (ODHA) di Pangandaran


Pangandaran is a tourist destination becomes a place that is vulnerable to the spread of HIV AIDS. HIV AIDS prevention campaign activities are very important. Various parties have carried out campaign activities to prevent the spread of HIV AIDS. The purpose of this study was to determine how the relationship between the exposure to HIV AIDS prevention campaigns with the formation of attitudes of care for people with HIV AIDS. This research was ordered by quantitative research with a survey approach. The population and sample of this research are high school students in Pangandaran. The data analysis was performed by Pearson correlation test. The results of the study note that most students or students are relatively often exposed to campaign exposure through banners, posters and whatsapps, while electronic television and radio media are relatively rare. There is a strong relationship between campaign exposure and caring attitude towards HIV AIDS sufferers. It is recommended to increase education or assistance for adolescents about preventing HIV / AIDS in direct or media campaigns in an effort to build positive attitudes and eventually will have behaviors that can avoid HIV AIDS. Besides that a positive attitude can also build awareness for people with HIV AIDS.