This research is motivated by the number of cheating behaviors in teaching and learning activities including in making homework assignments, daily assessments, and semester assessments. Thus a teacher must have efforts or ways to anticipate fraud committed by his students. Because in terms of religion reflects bad character. For this reason RR Cawang Baru IT Vocational School needs to instill an honest attitude to its students, by instilling or correcting honesty with students from now on, we will improve the honesty of the nation in the future. This study aims to find out: 1) What is the effort of Islamic religious education teachers in instilling honesty in the learning process in Cawang Baru RR IT Vocational School? 2) What are the efforts of Islamic religious education teachers in instilling honesty outside the learning process in Cawang Baru RR IT Vocational School? 3) What are the inhibiting factors in planting honest attitudes of students in Cawang Baru RR IT Vocational School ?. The study aims to see how far the teacher instills honest attitudes of students inside and outside the learning process and the inhibiting factors of planting honest attitudes in the subjects of Islamic Education in the Cawang Baru RR Vocational School, so that fraud can be overcome, and to achieve the purpose above, used qualitative research methods with descriptive qualitative approaches, data collection techniques used were observation, interviews, and documentation. Data is analyzed, by reducing data, describing data and drawing conclusions. The results of the research that have been investigated are that the planting of honest attitudes through the subjects of Islamic Religious Education at Cawang Baru RR Vocational High School is as follows. The results of the first formulation are that the teacher instills honest attitudes by using spies in the class that are trusted, and honesty can be justified, and by training students to fast Monday Thursday. Then the method of lecture, discussion, advice, stories and examples and the results of their achievements from planting honest attitudes students can accept and practice the honest attitude that has been given by the teacher. In the third formulation of the problem is the inhibiting factor, they are not able to check students at all times, because of their limitations, because they are still one day not yet boarding school so it is difficult for them to monitor the honesty of students when not in school and also aspects of the student's environment itself starting from the aspect of his friend.