This study aims to find out what the meaning of the evaluation is, then why the teacher needs to conduct an evaluation of the learning program and what are the objects and targets in the evaluation and how to carry out the evaluation of the program. This research is motivated by the existence of an evaluation process of student learning outcomes and evaluation of the teaching process. When we see in the evaluation process only concerned with evaluating learning outcomes, it seems less comprehensive. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss program evaluation. Therefore the evaluation needs to be planned carefully, because it is related and involves many aspects. The method used in this study is a library where data is taken from several reference books relating to the evaluation of learning. Then analyzed using a descriptive approach. Furthermore, the conclusion of this study is the evaluation of Islamic education programs is an assessment of the design or activity that is planned carefully to provide guidance to someone so that he can be a human being who can develop optimally in accordance with Islamic teachings. Furthermore, before evaluating the program, we must first pay attention to institutional objectives and then specialize in the field of PAI study and consider the competence of graduates as having: recognizing and behaving in accordance with the teachings of Islam, recognizing and exercising their rights and obligations, having employment ethics, and caring for their environment , think logically critically, and be creative and communicate through various media, enjoy beauty and get into a clean, fit and healthy life, have a sense of love and pride for the nation and the motherland. Then in carrying out program evaluation can be done by people from within (people involved in activities), and can also be people from outside (people who are not involved in program activities). The teacher is the implementer so they know very well what is happening in the teaching and learning process. Teachers are important for improving the quality of teaching, to improve the teaching process that will be carried out at a later time. And the last way to carry out program evaluation is by preparing a questionnaire instrument, interview guidelines, observation guidelines and so forth. The simplest way is to record the events experienced from daily activities in class.