This research was aimed to find out; 1) to know implementation of madrasah based management, 2) impact of implemntation of madrasah based management, 3) support and handicap factor of madrasah based management implementation in MTs Ar Risalah Kepil Wonosobo. This research used a qualitative approach because qualitative research try to describe a reality with the suitable fact. Subject of research such as headmaster, teacher, school commitee, student and the stakeholders. Technique of data collection used observation, interview, and study of document. And the data analysis used the interactive analysis of miles and huberman. Result of research showed that implementation of madrasah based management included management of curricullum and teaching, management of educator and education staff, management of financing and budgeting, and management of social realtionship. Impact of school based management implemntation influenced toward proccess of teaching learning activities, policy of the headmaster of MTs Ar Risalah became a starting point in determining a progress of institution. Factor of support in Madrasah based management implementation such as central role of headmaster in making policy that corelated with learning, educational staff, infratsructure, role of school commitee and participation of society. Then the handicap factor as below the weak of managerial skill, minimum of infrastructure and unsuitable of educator competence