Impact Analysis of Malware Based on Call Network API With Heuristic Detection Method


Malware is a program that has a negative influence on computer systems that don't have user permissions. The purpose of making malware by hackers is to get profits in an illegal way. Therefore, we need a malware analysis. Malware analysis aims to determine the specifics of malware so that security can be built to protect computer devices. One method for analyzing malware is heuristic detection. Heuristic detection is an analytical method that allows finding new types of malware in a file or application. Many malwares are made to attack through the internet because of technological advancements. Based on these conditions, the malware analysis is carried out using the API call network with the heuristic detection method. This aims to identify the behavior of malware that attacks the network. The results of the analysis carried out are that most malware is spyware, which is lurking user activity and retrieving user data without the user's knowledge. In addition, there is also malware that is adware, which displays advertisements through pop-up windows on computer devices that interfaces with user activity. So that with these results, it can also be identified actions that can be taken by the user to protect his computer device, such as by installing antivirus or antimalware, not downloading unauthorized applications and not accessing unsafe websites.