Given the increasingly high percentage of child marriages/early marriages in Indonesia and the impact on humanitarian life which is none other than the younger generation of Indonesia's largest assets, therefore there is a need for regulations that regulate this, so that Law 1616 is enacted and has been ratified since October 14, 2019. This is in accordance with how Islam nourishes the soul (Hifz al-Nafs) and respects human dignity. The main problem in this discussion is how the formula of Soul Care (Hifz al-Nafs) in Law Number 16 Year 2019 as the implementation of Maqāṣid Al-Sharī'ah. With the change in the age limit of minimum marriage, the bride and groom are expected to have matured their body and soul to be able to carry out the marriage, so as to realize the purpose of marriage properly without ending in divorce and get healthy and quality offspring. It also can fulfill the rights of children so as to optimize children's growth and development including parental assistance and provide children access to the highest education possible. From the above explanation it can be concluded that the Care of the Soul (Hifz al-Nafs) of Law Number 16 Year 2019 is appropriate in the perspective of Islamic law (Maqāid Al-Sharī'ah), in which guarantees human rights, maintenance soul, and efforts to realize a sakinah family.