Strategi Implementasi Pengelolaan Kawasan Hutan Mangrove sebagai Kawasan Hutan Produksi Lestari di Pesisir Pantai Kabupaten Luwu Sulawesi Selatan


This study discusses the best implementation strategy for mangrove forest management in luwu district, South Sulawesi. The research data were collected by means of observation, interviews and documentation.. The data analysis technique used is the SWOT analysis. The results of this study indicate the best strategy is SO (Strength-Opportunities) in quadrant I is a supporter of an aggressive strategy. The alternative priorities of the strategy are (1) developing the potential of supported and economically valuable mangrove forest resources through eco-friendly cultivation and capture, (2) increasing the role of NGOs to increase community knowledge and awareness in mangrove forest management, (3) developing forest potential mangrove as an ecotourism area, (4) community empowerment through groups of fishermen / farmers to create a household scale industry based on mangrove resources.