Relasi Ibu-Anak dan Kematangan Emosi Remaja Yatim Duafa


This study aims to examine association between the mother-child relationship with the emotional maturity of orphan adolescents, using correlational method. Mother-child relationship was measured by the family relation test which consist of 67 items and emotional maturity was measured by the Singh’ emotional maturity scale which contains 47 items. The target population of the study was poor orphans aged between 15 and 18 years who live in Cileunyi Bandung. The number of sample was 30 people who were selected by cluster random sampling. Multiple regression is used to test the research hypothesis. The results showed that the mother-child relationship is significantly correlated with emotional maturity at moderate levels. Specifically the mother-child relationship is significantly related to the dimensions of emotional instability and lack of independence but not related to the other three dimensions of emotional maturity (emotional regression, social maladjustment, personality disintegration).