The main problem discussed in this study is how the concept of jihad in the Koran. This problem is studied using the approach of interpretation in the maudhu'iy method. The results of the research show that a) Jihad is a serious effort to devote all abilities to achieve certain goals, devote both words and deeds, and preach to religion properly. The essence of jihad in the Koran shows that jihad is not solely pouring out the ability to face enemies, difficulties and seriousness, but can mean eradicating ignorance, poverty, disease, self-control, prudence and patience in the face of trials and persecution; b) The form of jihad includes the types of jihad, the forms of jihad and the means of jihad. The types of jihad are against enemies (unbelievers and hypocrites), against lust and against the pressure of polytheists. The forms of jihad in the Qur'an are jihad in the way of Allah and jihad for the sake of Allah. Meanwhile, the means of jihad are by means of al-Qur'an, with weapons, with wealth and soul; and c) The importance of jihad is not only to revive the essence of servitude but also to become the pillar of upholding human civilization according to the principles that are blessed by Allah SWT. Through jihad there will be a spirit of change towards improvement, because in fact there is no change without a struggle. As for the benefits of jihad in the Koran, namely getting heaven's reward, having a degree with Allah, and getting goodness and luck.