Transformation of Hamka’s Thought About Ethitical Values Through History Learning as a Reinforcement of Character Education


This research is motivated by various phenomena of moral crisis such as the number of murders, ethnic war, rape, corruption, collusion, nepotism, etc. This phenomenon has swept the nations of the world, so this problem has become a global problem. Hamka was known to be very concerned about moral issues. Hamka always said that only with morality built on the belief and trust in God Almighty (a strong religion) then humans can be saved from destruction and problems of the nation. The purpose of this study is to explore, examine and analyze Hamka's ethical thinking in order to strengthen character education. The search method used is the library method. Data collection is done by observing and studying literature through Hamka's books. The results of the study are six results of Hamka's ethical thinking that contain moral values that can be turned into historical learning as an effort to strengthen character education, namely: (1) social ethics and cultural, (4) ethics of law enforcement, (5) scientific ethics, (6) environmental ethics