Collaborative Research in The Field of Education and Medicine on Neuroscience of Early Childhood Study


In Indonesian context, Collaborative study between the field of education and field of medicine on preschool-aged children’s neuroscience is still scarce. This paper spells out potential collaborative studies on neuroscience of preschool-aged children. This study is categorized into qualitative descriptive research. The data were collected through an in-depth interview with the head of education and research section of UNS Hospital and document study to reveal potential collaborative neuroscience studies. The result of the study found a number of potential collaborative studies between UNS Hospital and ECE department of UNS, namely: 1) Assessing level of stress using Bio-neurofeedback; 2) Assessing Learning comfort using Electroencephalograph; 3) Assessing Interest and Aptitude using Electroencephalograph; and 4) Therapy on Gadget Addiction using Bio-neurofeedback