Analisis TOWS-K dan SWOT Studi Kasus Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Ma’had Aly Al-Hikam Malang


Talking about strategic management (MS), automatic also talks about TOWS and SWOT analysis. TOWS-K analysis is often equated with a SWOT analysis, because they pay attention to internal variables, namely Strength (S) and Weakness (W) and external variables, namely Opportunities (O) and Threats (T). Seen from the historical point of view, can be found two types of analysis, the TOWS-K analysis was first in the 1960s while the SWOT analysis was in the 1990s. Institute of  Islamic Religion Ma'had Aly Al-Hikam (STAIMA Al-Hikam Malang) is a higher education institution (institute) who had stood 17 years ago in 2003. Researcher had not received the study discussed strategic management. The study about this institution in facing the future, especially in the industrial era 4.0. In the Malang city, in the last 10 years many higher education institutions (universities / PT) have been established, which until now there are 50 universities. This research examines and explores the S-W-O-T variable owned by STAIMA Al-Hikam Malang, whose results can be used in determining future policies.