AbstractThis article discusses the issue of annulment of marriage according to Islamic law. This is important, onsidering that a marriage should not be annulled, because ideally a marriage aims to form a happy and eternal family, as mandated by the law, at the same time as worship as described in Islam. This article uses a qualitative research method, with a normative juridical approach.The results of the research reveal that the incident of marriage cancellation according to Islamic law is caused by things that invalidate marriage aqad, such as the prohibition of marriage (mahram) or because of things that have just happened after marriage, such as an apostate party. However, the cancellation of the marriage does not mean that the problem has been resolved. Several new problems arise as a result of the legal consequences of the cancellation of the marriage, such as child problems, joint property issues and problems with interested third parties.Keywords: Annulment of Marriage; Islamic Law; Legal Consequence.