Relationship between Cognitive Style and Habits of Mind


This research is a correlational study that examines the relationship between cognitive style and habits of mind. The research subjects involved 4th semester students in the Department of Mathematics Education at the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training of UIN Suska Riau which consisted of students with heterogeneous academic abilities. Cognitive style data was collected using the GEFT question instrument with test techniques. Habits of mind data were collected using a questionnaire instrument with a questionnaire distribution technique. The data analysis technique begins with the Pearson Product Moment correlation test which is continued with the significance test and the calculation of the magnitude of the relationship that occurs using the coefficient of determination. Because the data is positively correlated, it continues with determining the linear regression equation. The results showed that there was a significant weak correlation between cognitive style and habits of mind with a relationship score of 6% and a linear regression equation y '= 36.35 + 0.31 x.