Mantra Dalam Teks Dharma Pewayangan


The Wayang Kulit show in Java and Bali or in other regions in Indonesia besides functioning to complement the religious ceremony, as ruwatan, also give the noble values of pertinent relating to human life and spectacle with a very high aesthetic. Dharma Pewayangan is a guide (law, reference, ordinance, obligation, guidance) for puppeteer or dalang in carrying out his duties while performing Wayang Kulit. The understanding and implementation of dharma pewayangan teachings by dalangis a must and obligation because if deviate from the teachings will get the curse of Sang Hyang Catur Lokapala. Dalang uses a spell before the show begins until the end of the show. The spell function in the Wayang Kulit show is as a plea to God, self-guard, awakening the taksu, neutralizing bhuta-kala, and making tirta.