Keberlangsungan Ajaran Sekte Bhairawa dalam Kehidupan Masyarakat Bali


In the history of the development of Hinduism in the archipelago, it is mentioned that Bhairawa sect never developed in Indonesia. The Bhairawa sect is also said to have flourished in Bali so that Bhairawa’s teachings must have been carried out in Bali. As we know that cultural and religious activities in Bali cannot be separated from the influence of sects that ever developed in Bali in the past. Although the Bhairawa sect is now abandoned in Bali, the influence of this sect may still be present in the religious life of Balinese society. That’s why research is needed to know the existence of the Bhairawa sect in the religious life of Balinese society. Based on the results of the research, it was found that (1) the teachings of the Bhairawa sects were merged together with the Balinese customs tradition, this could be seen from the worship of the Goddess Durga in the Dalem temple, the ngelawar activity, the Calon Aarang activity, the use of arak and berem in religious activities, mecaru and Kebo Edan temple as a place of begging descent. (2) The influence of the Bhairawa sect for the Balinese Hindu Society can be seen in two specs, the first influence is on the Bhuana Agung (universe) and the influence on Bhuana Alit (human).