Konsep Kepemimpinan Catur Kotamaning Nrepati Dalam Kakawin Niti Sastra


Actually, the societies want a figure of leader that has credibility, social life, and can protect and guide the societies well. However the reality is, nowadays there are many leaders who are not trusted by the societies because of their negative behavior. Talking about this phenomenon, actually Hinduism has produced various kinds of doctrines about the philosophy of life especially about leadership since many years ago. Unfortunately that doctrine has not been known and applied in maximum way. Kakawin Niti Sastra is one of classical Hindu literature that has full values of leadership and it shall be used as source of research. The structures of leadership in Kakawin Niti Sastra consists of Prabhu, Purohita, Amatya, Nāradhipati, Sena and Sanggya. Catur Kotamaning Nrepati leadership Concept in Kakawin Niti sastra consists of the value of wisdom (jnana wisesa suddha), compassion (kaprahitaning praja), bravery (kawiryan), and authority (wibhawa).