Transformasi Simbol-Simbol Teologis Yang Sakral, dari Ritual ke Serimonial, dari Formal ke Formalitas Semu {Kajian Hipersimiotika Religius dalam Ritual Hindu}


Transformation or change is a necessity; it is very clearly described in Vedanta theories, such as Trikona’s theory; Jantra theory and Caturyuga theory. Trikona’s theory and Jantra’s theory describe that everything that exists is materially invisible, it is seen only in the middle, and then it will be invisible. Over time, after being invisible, it will be re-created so that it is seen again for a certain period of time, after which it is lost back from sight. This happens continuously unceasingly like a jantra (circle), so transformation is something that can not be avoided by anyone and anyone.The transformation in Caturyuga’s theory presupposes the universe and its contents as a four-legged table for one yuga (age); then on the authority of the Time, all changed. Change is described as the turn of the times, theuniverse of the table, gradually ignoring the legs one by one. Finally, the longer the table becomes more unstable until it collapses to the floor. Identical to that allegory, the reality of today’s society shows its sacred attitude increasingly propane; the appreciation of the sacred is getting worse, the taksu is getting weaker, and the more holiness loses value.Religious teachings today seem to appear just as lip ornaments only, attributes of spirituality also appears as a mere accessory only. All of things more lost the meaning of authenticity, so that falsehood becomes a verypopular tradition today. Today’s modern human attitudes seem to conform to the term ‘musang berbulu domba’, or ‘harimau berjubah’, or ‘singa berdasi’; humans are increasingly shameless; something sacred to be made merely ceremonial, the formal being made into a mere formality. This is a reality that is hyper-reality to make good people becoming pensive full of questions.