Penggunaan Jajan dalam Upacara Mesabatan Biu Pada Tradisi Achi Ketiga di Desa Tenganan Dauh Tukad Karangasem (Kajian Teologi Hindu)


The use of jajan in the masabatan biu ceremony in achi katiga tradition in the village of Tenganan Dauh Tukad Karangasem is closely related to the natural conditions of the area. Considering that the nature is rich with natural resource to be used as a complement in the masabatan biu ceremony. The achi katiga tradition is part of culture. The implementation of the achi katiga tradition contains noble values inherited by the ancestors. These values certainly need to be practiced by the community so that they can be understood and developed by the community. The use of jajan at the masabatan biu ceremony can be used in selection of saye , the communication of this organization helps in the selection process. Selection of Saye is the selection of candidates for the leadership of Sekaa Teruna Dukuh Mengku The uniqueness of the selection of Saye is that not all members can become prospective leaders. So that in this background a problem statement can be drawn, namely what is the shape of the jajan symbol made by roban in the implementation of the Aci katiga Tradition? What is the function of the Achintya Jajan symbol made by roban in the implementation of the Aci katiga Tradition? What is the meaning of the jajan symbol made by roban in the implementation of the Aci katiga Tradition? The three formulations of this problem are dissected using Religious Theory is one of the most complex andevolving elements in various places in the world. According to Koentjaraningrat (1980: 228-229) that if someone does something in the world, then there will be four main elements of religion in general, namely: (1). (2) a system of belief or human images about the shape of the world, nature, the unseen, life, death, etc .; (3) a system of implementation related to the world; and (4) community groups or social units that conceptualize and revive religion and the system of religious ceremonies. The use of Symbol Theory to reveal the meaning of the symbol of the use of jajan in the ceremony of the masabatan biu to the Achi katiga tradition. Etymologically, symbols or symbols are derived from the Greek word “ syim-ballein “ which means throwing together (objects, deeds) openness of ideas. Perception theory is the core of communication, whereas interpretation (interpretation) is the core of perception, which is identical to the decoding in the persepni process of the symbol’s meaning in the use of jajan in the ceremony of the mesabatan biu in the Achi katiga tradition. The method of data have been used is information, interviews, and documentation. Observation of the analyze,observations Interviews are carried out by constructing people, events, activities, organizations, motivations, feelings, etc. that are carried out by two parties, namely the interviewer (interviewer) who asks questions with the person interviewed (interviewed).