Relasi Manusia, Alam dan Tuhan Dalam Harmonisasi Semesta


Humans and nature are two of the many symbols of the manifestation of God’s love for the universe He created. The form of God’s love for the universe is an indisputable reality because before God created humans, he also thought and understood the survival of human beings in the realm of life as a form of symbiotic relationship between human and natural.All human needs have been fulfilled and provided by God through the supply of natural resources, and vice versa God is preparing humans to help maintain the balance of the universe, both physical, biological and socio-cultural elements.The concept of Tri Hita Karana is the root of people’s happiness in Bali. As a philosophy of life for Balinese people who still exist in the community in Bali, it is also used as a model of happiness in other countries in the world. This concept is a very simple to be implemented in everyday life. Because Tri Hita Karana etymologically is derived from three syllables, Tri which means “three”, Hita means “happiness” and Karana which means “cause”. The three causes of happiness consist of Parahyangan, Palemahan and Pawongan.The relation of God’s relationship with nature according to the Hindu perspective is God as a symbol of the bhuana agung and bhuana alit. God as a symbol of the bhuana agung (universe) is a manifestation of the contents of the universe while God as a symbol of the bhuana alit can be realized that God exists and lives inevery human being.