Proses Kelahiran Dalam Teks Bhagawand Agastya Prana dan Kesetaraannya Dengan Sience


Teks lontar Tutur Bhagawand Agastya Prana is one of the tattwa lontar which is siwaistik where god siwa has the highest position and is the origin of human creation ( Bhuwana alit). Lontar said Bhagawand Agastya Prana explained the initial concept of human birth came from the process of conception, farmer meeting kama putih and kama bang seeds wich will produce embryos sanghyang antigajati. According to biology or science it explains that the birth process of manuals begins with the meeting of an egg cell with sperm cellswich later fertilization will occur and eventually fetal formation and developing organs will grow and become perfect humans and be born into the world.The science contained in the texs of bhagawand agstya prana is almost the same as that found in science so it is said to be equivalen.