Tradisi Ruwatan Wayang Bagi Umat Hindu Jawa


The existence of wayang for Javanese society is something that has become a cultural tradition. The existence of the Wayang Tradition is evidenced by the continued emergence of dalang who perform wayang in certain areas with progressive artistic creativity. Wayang is a performance culture that is used as a medium or a means of transferring a particular science as well as entertainment. In the end, the function of wayang showsevolved from media guidance, spectacle, information delivery tools, to the promotion of certain products such as those that often appear on electronic glass screen media.The existence of Wayang Kulit is a Javanese traditional art in particular, which is closely related to the levels of human life or the life cycle. Humans in their lives will be bound by the norms or value systems adopted by their society. The norms that are still valid in Javanese society include the Ruwatan ceremony which contains elements of salvation or cleansing humans from existing sin and calamity. Some people belonging to sukerta(dirty, sin) according to Javanese people’s beliefs must be meruwat. Because if it is not diruwat it will become prey to Batara Kala. Then through Ruwatan by performing the wayang show Murwakala story and reading the Ruwatan mantras the Javanese people believe they will not be afraid and unlucky in their future lives.