Konsep Ketuhanan Dwi Tunggal Siwa-Buddha Bahung Tringan


The concept of Shiva-Buddha Theology to the Bahung Tringan Community in Karangasem Bali is different from that of the Shiva-Buddha that flourished in Java until the time of Majapahit. Bahung Tringan considers that Shiva-Buddha is within everyone and can be a spiritual process, not two different religions then positioned aligned. According to Ida Wayan Jelantik Oka, the founder of the Community said that in spiritual practice, one who is able to penetrate the final limit of Shivahood will be able to reach the ultimate goal of his life, namely Buddhahood. This work will try to describe how the Siva-Buddha principle that is in each person is processed in a spiritual practice so as to attain Nirvana. The spiritual process that fully takes place in the Shivahood through Tantra, under certain conditions is able to reach the edge of the akasa, the end point of Shiva’s realm. With proper and sufficient practice, at one time this edge will be penetrated and then reach Sunya’s realm. It is the ultimate achievement of spiritual practice.