Elit dan Kekuasaan pada Masyarakat Desa


This research is a field research that tries to discribe and map social relation between society and government and how society participation to government itself. Data collected by observation, interview and document then analyzed with qualitative approach with analytical descriptive method. The results of this study indicate that the wheels government are still full of manipulation by a group of elites who with its power make society as the object of policy. The power of elite creates dominance where society does not have sufficient access to influence or feedback on government policy. This happens because the government doesn’t use democratic means, or doesn’t become a "father" for the people in organizing the government. The government is only an administrator rather than a leader so that relations and participation between the community and the government is a relationship of dominance, pseudo-participation, manipulative and co-optative. Public participation becomes negative and the deterioration of social relations is a manifestation of society's disillusionment with the elite (elite in power) and the reality is exacerbated by insensitivity and lack of government attention to the objective conditions of society.Keywords: Relation, Power, Elite, Government, Participation