Penanaman Nilai Keagamaan Anak Melalui Metode Bercerita


Every early childhood must develop various developments in the end, from several types of construction, one of which is the development of religious and moral values. Modernization of the times, the impact on decreased awareness of the importance of religious values for children. Needing to instill the religious value itself needs to be habituated early on. This research was conducted to study how educators implement story-telling in learning that helps in assessing religion in early childhood. The implementation of the story-telling method for the inculcation of early childhood religious values is based on facts in the field related to the condition of children at this time. The purpose of this study is to learn more about the process of implementing story-telling in improving religious values in early childhood, and to learn more about the results of increasing religious values. In this study, using a qualitative descriptive method using case studies, Data collection techniques used were the method of observation, interviews, and documentation. Research methods using triangulation techniques to study teachers and field observations. The results of this study, research on the technique used to tell this story, can use various media types such as dolls, pictures, or other media to attract the interests of children. The process of implementing the story-telling method is done in learning and habituation activities. After the appropriate techniques and efforts are carried out, further reviews will be made related to the percentage of success obtained.Keywords. Story-telling Method; Children's religious values.