Ihtikar dan Tas’ir dalam Kajian Hukum Bisnis Syariah


We have heard news on television about the depletion of the availability and even the disappearance of food and gas in several regions. This causes the price of rice and gas to rise. As a result, there were long queues in these areas to buy rice (the price of which was quite affordable). Likewise with gas, the gas tube queues that are lined up become a common sight. The incident, not infrequently some sellers carry out hoarding actions or often referred to as monopolies. Broadly speaking, the attitude of the jurists regarding ihtikār includes several groups, groups that see that ihtikar is an act of haram, makruh, mubah and mandub. Ihtikar and tas'ir can be done if the price situation in the market soars. Of course, those who have the right to control monopoly and pricing are the authorities with the conditions for the benefit of the people. Monopoly and pricing basically harm many people, but both can be enforced under forced conditions and prices are not stable.