Power Domination Number On Shackle Operation with Points as Lingkage


The Power dominating set is a minimum point of determination in a graph that can dominate the connected dots around it, with a minimum domination point. The smallest cardinality of a power dominating set is called a power domination number with the notation . The purpose of this study is to determine the Shackle operations graph value from several special graphs with a point as a link. The result operation graphs are: Shackle operation graph from Path graph , Shackle operation graph from Sikel graph , Shackle operation graph from Star graph . The method used in this paper is axiomatic deductive method in solving problems. Understanding the axiomatic method itself is a method of deductive proof principles that applies in mathematical logic by using theorems that already exist in solving a problem. In this paper begins by determining the paper object that is the Shackle point operations result graph. Next, determine the cardinality of these graphs. After that, determine the point that has the maximum degree on the graph as the dominator point of power domination. Then, check whether the nearest neighbor has two or more degrees and analyze its optimization by using a ceiling function comparison between zero forching with the greatest degree of graph. Thus it can be determined ϒp minimal and dominated. The results of the power domination number study on Shackle operation graph result with points as connectors are , for  and ; , for  and ; , for  and .