Kiprah Muhammadiyah Dalam Pembaharuan Pendidikan dan Sosial Keagamaan di Nusantara: Kajian Terhadap Pemikiran KH. Ahmad Dahlan


This paper aims to discuss the progress of  Muhammadiyah in the renewal of religious education and socio-religion in the archipelago, which includes the beginning of the renewal of education, philosophy, paradigms and objectives in educational renewal as well as the basic principles and guidelines for the social and religious renewal of Muhammadiyah. The method used is the Resarch library and analyzed with the reflective thinking approach by combining the deductive and inductive approaches. The results of the discussion showed that the concept of educational renewal developed by Muhammadiyah was modern-theocentric, namely modern education based on the divine values. In the socio-religious field Muhammadiyah invites Muslims to always do fastabiqul khairat, which is competing to do good in all aspects of life, both economics, health, congregation and so on.