Studi Komparatif Kitāb Rijāl Sunni dan Syīah (Studi atas Kitāb Tadzkirah al-Huffāzh Karya al-Dzahabi dan Kitāb al-Rijāl Karya Dāwud al-Hulli)


Study the book of Hadith is a great importance to study, especially the study of rijāl al-hadīth, such as Tadzkirah al-Huffazh of al-Dzahabi, Sunni versions, and Kitāb al-Rijāl of al-Hulli, Syi'i version. This research was conducted with descriptive analytical approach and historical approach. This study found that both books discuss the rijāl al-hadīth (the narrators of hadith) from the aspect of quality that is structured in the systematic style of the book of Mu'jam. The difference is that the Sunni rijāl al-Hadīts are the companions of the Prophet, the tabi'in and so on, while the Shi'ite rijāl al-hadīth is the Ahl al-Bait which is attributed to the figure of Ali bin Abi Talib. Historically, the two books are composed from the historical background behind it. The Book of Tadzkirah al-Huffazh is structured as an attempt to legitimize narrators and memorizers of Hadith from amongst shahabah, tabi'in, and so on. Meanwhile, the Kitāb al-Rijāl version of the Shi'ah also wanted to prove the greatness of their companions from the ahl al-Bait people attributed to Ali ibn Abi Talib.