Assessment of Readiness and Usability of Information Systems Use


The assessment of the use of information systems has been carried out by many researchers. This research was conducted in Private Universities in Indonesia, which currently involve many information systems in many ways, especially those related to the management of Higher Education, by measuring the readiness and usability of the use of information systems with models that I build from the integration of two models. The results of the measurement of this study were obtained from the distribution of questionnaires, there were 47% of respondents who filled 61-80% of the level of IS usage and 68% of respondents stated their readiness in the level of readiness to use IS. The stage consists of evaluating reflective measurement models and structural model assessments. Evaluating reflective measurement in evaluating internal consistency reliability using Composite Reliability, Reliability Indicator, Convergent Validity, and Discriminant Validity, finally concluded that the use of the Readiness and Usability integration model can be forwarded to a more complex research stage and can use the questionnaire.