The  obligation  of  fasting  for  a  full  month  in  Ramadan  begins  only  in the second year of the Hijri. Fasting is imposed on Muslims who are intelligent, not  menstruating,  and  also  not  postpartum  by  doing  it  confidently  for  a  full month during Ramadan. However, based on the Qur'an, al-Baqarah verse 184 there is the word fidyah, which is to feed a poor person, explaining the existence of  rukhsah  which  God  gives  to  certain  people.  This  verse  is  disputed  by  the commentators.  There  are  those  who  argue  that  Allah  Almighty  gives  an alternative  for  people  who  are  obliged  to  fast,  who  break  the  fast  intentionally. There  are  also  those  who  argue  that  this  verse  speaks  of  travelers  and  sick people,  namely  for  these  two  groups  there  are  two  possibilities:  travelers  and people who feel heavy to fast, then when they have to break the fast; and there are also those who are essentially able to fast, but are reluctant because they are unwell and / or on a trip, so they are allowed to break the fast if they pay fidyah.