As You Write, It Helps You Listen: An Experiment in TOEFL Preparation Class


This study aims to test whether using the technique named keeping-journals during the TOEFL preparation class is beneficial for the listening section part A of the test. The quantitative pretest-posttest method used in this study involves single-group design consisting of 36 fifth semester college students at Syiah Kuala University, Aceh, Indonesia. The result is considered essential since, practically, TOEFL tutors need to bring TOEFL learners to keep track on their learning rate on their own; hopefully, the result can best suit the theoretical gap since there have been only few experimental studies conducted on Listening Section of TOEFL through journal-keeping. The findings approved that the Ha is accepted for the tvalue is 1.90 (df 34, α=0.05, -2.02 ≤ t ≥ 2.02 ). It is also significant for the sigvalue is 0.7 (sigvalue ≥ α=0.05). In conclusion, the technique does help the learners in tackling problems they face in Listening section on TOEFL part A as it enhances their listening performance, attitude, and motivation.