Optimasi Parameter Pemesinan Menggunakan Metode Taguchi Untuk Meningkatkan Kualitas Kebulatan Pada Pembubutan Internal Material S45C


Using machining parameters correctly will improve general quality. The use of quality control methods aims to optimize the results of the machining process such as the use of the Taguchi experimental design. The parameters controlled are cutting speed, feed speed, and depth of cutting with each of the three levels in the internal turning process of S45C steel material. Experiments were carried out using the Taguchi experimental matrix L9(34). The results of turning are then rounded and the analysis of variance and signal to noise ratio analysis are carried out in accordance with the proposed Taguchi design. The results obtained, the cutting speed and cutting depth factors identified affect the roundness of the internal turning results. The results of the analysis of variance on the S/N ratio with quality characters getting smaller the better and based on hypothesis testing, resulting that the cutting speed and cutting depth parameters significantly with a 90% confidence level affect roundness. The optimum parameters are obtained, namely the conditions of the cutting speed 200 [m/min], the feed speed is 0.05 [mm/rev], and the cutting depth is 0.25 [mm].