Korelasi Propertis Biodiesel Terhadap Emisi Gas Buang dan Performa Mesin Diesel


Biodiesel is a priority program to reduce dependence on diesel fuel. The use of B20 biodiesel is proven to be used as fuel without modifying diesel engine specifications. The development of biodiesel with a higher percentage of palm oil continues to be developed so that dependence on diesel fuel is lower. However, the high viscosity of biodiesel is an obstacle so alcohol is added to reduce problems in the fuel injection process. This research aims to observe the biodiesel properties of a mixture of solar-palm cooking oil-methanol/ethanol/butanol which are correlated with the potential exhaust emissions and performance produced by a diesel engine. Palm cooking oil used is 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, and 85%. While methanol/ethanol/butanol alcohol used by 15%. Based on the results of physical and chemical tests, the higher the content of palm cooking oil, the worse the biodiesel properties. Biodiesel blended of palm-methanol solar-cooking oil has the potential of exhaust emissions and engine performance that is almost the same as diesel fuel.