Salunglung Sabayan Taka: The Balinese Behavior in Toraja Translating the Original Culture


This study aims to gain a deeper description of the cultural behavior of Balinese immigrants in Toraja in their encounter with local wisdom depicted the philosophy of "Salunglung Sabayantaka". From this study, it can be concluded that the philosophy of "Salunglung Sabayantaka" is still fundamental to the living habits of the Balinese although the life in the overseas ie Toraja which is detached from the ties of the pekraman village in Bali, as well as the bonds of their respective belief values.The basic principles of the sabayantaka scroll that should be bound in the integrity of the custom village or the pekraman village have not undergone the significant changes in the fulfillment of life responsibilities, especially in their encounters with community life and local wisdom. The Balinese community in Toraja have been working on the behavior of salunglung sabayantaka life regardless the differences in beliefs and culture. The behavioral content of life is an evident in the presence of Balinese society in supporting the social responsibilities of the community in Toraja, in applying the example of salawatlung sabayantaka life and in educating the family as well as in society. The Balinese Mentality in Toraja, in relation to the philosophy of "Salunglung Sabayantaka" is the manifestation of the behavior of educating children measurably in placing the child as a whole part of family life, society and culture. This research will be a reference to build the living habits of the immigrant Balinese people in Toraja in their encounter with local wisdom, so that the Balinese cultural behavior in Toraja still supports the philosophy of "Salunglung Sabayantaka", so that every Balinese society in Toraja is definitely changing according to the dynamics of the society development. It continues to build the social contacts based on the combination of cultures that make up their cultural strengths.