The Implementation Of The Wariga Dewasa On Panca Yajña Ceremony In Mataram City


The evolution of the implementation of wariga dewasa is reflected in the transformation of the day or padewasan for the panca yajña ceremony in the Hindu community in Mataram City. As a result of the rational, pragmatic and critical rationale of modern urban society, with negative access to individual nature and consumerism dominated by industrial pragmatic interests. The implementation of wariga dewasa can be seen from the nunas dewasa tradition for the Dewa Yajña, Pitra Yajña and Butha Yajña ceremonies that have not changed much, especially the Rsi Yajña ceremony with the Guru Nabe hegemony in the aguron-guron tradition. The change in the implementation of wariga dewasa occurred at the Manusa Yajña ceremony from the quality of the padewasan based on alahing sasih, which is increasingly supported by the banten pemarisudha mala dewasa as a neutralizing for the influence of dewasa ala from the day of the ceremony. Transformation is caused by changes in the system of values and beliefs of society, globalization, economic influence and the existence of manggala yajña. Resulting in the degradation of the symbolic meaning of wariga dewasa, social and cultural changes, for example changes in the tradition of nunas padewasan, the negative influence of populist economic development on economic aspects, and redefinition of people's perceptions about the effects of padewasan and the purpose of banten pemarisudha mala dewasa.