This study aims to determine and analyze the urgency of Zakat Intensification in Riau province which is an absolute thing to improve the collection results so that it can improve the quality of life and create sustainable community welfare in Riau Province. Technical research was carried out using literature and observation methods. The results showed that the Intensification of Zakat in Riau Province Urgen (Important and Urgent) to be immediately carried out by the Regional Government of Riau Province together with the Legislature and Zakat Institutions and other elements of society, is useful so that the people of Riau Province can play an active role (participate) better in the future. in management, especially in maximizing the collection of Zakat, Utilization and new initiatives for the revival of Zakat in Riau. Recovery in people who are reluctant to give zakat needs to be done. One way is: by regulating sanctions, both criminal in the Regional Regulation for anyone Muslim and Muslim who do not want to deposit their zakat is recorded and given proportional sanctions, the point is to maximize zakat. More importantly, the intensification of zakat must be able to bring prosperity, prosperity and justice to all communities in Riau Province, and the need for synergy between the Regional Government of Riau Province with Baznas and LAZNAS to create various programs to intensify the collection of Zakat in Riau