The impact of parenting parents who are addicted to online games on the development of children of two families in Patangpuluhan is the impact of the busyness of parents playing online games on parenting that is applied in the family which has an impact on children's development. So the purpose of this research is to describe how the form of parenting is applied by parents who experience online game addiction and the impact of parents who are addicted to the online game on child development. This research is a qualitative desktiptif study where in the data collection researchers used interviews, observation, and documentation. Interviews are aimed at parents who are addicted to online games, wives, children, and neighbors in the home environment. As well as observations made are observations of the activities of children and parents who are addicted to online games at home. Then checking the validity of the data the researcher used triangulation by taking several data sources and then comparing. The results of this study are parenting that is applied by parents who are addicted to online games is parenting. Where the two families have some similarities in caring for children, namely providing child freedom as they wish, does not impose household responsibilities on children, and parents still show power by scolding children when bad children at home. Caregiving has an impact on cognitive development and psychosocial development of children. Children experience delays in cognitive development due to lack of parental upbringing. In psychosocial development also experience problems in child supervision and care so that children can experience problems that are not known to parents. Keywords: online games, parenting, child growth.