Mata Pelajaran IPS di MI/SD: Sebuah Strategi Pembelajaran Implementatif


Abstrack            Generally, the activities of teaching and learning on social science at the primary school level just use expository learning strategies. This strategi still use teacher centered that follow the custom with learning sequence. It starts from teacher that describes the material directly. After that, teacher gives the evaluation through exercises to the students. Besides that, the inaccuracy of teachers in the selection and using the learning strategies and also the lack of variation in the using of learning strategies make learners become not mastered and less in the learning materials. In addition, the lack of students in mastering the material makes the value of social science badly (far from KKM which has determined). The results of this research are applied learning strategies by the teacher on social science subject in the fourth grade at State Islamic Elementary School Wirasaba Purbalingga generally divided into three steps, they are planning; time, sequence of learning activities, methods and media/learning materials, implementation; preliminary activities, core activities, closing activities and follow up, and evaluation. As for the learning strategies used in social science learning are reading aloud, active knowledge sharing and small group discussion. Key words: Learning Strategies, Social Science.