The Meaning of Gesture in Social Cultural Context


This articlces intents to describe the meaning of gestures in sosial cultural context, especially for students in language learning and generally for language user which have different cultural background and to encourage an appreciation of cultural diversity and the process of intercultural communication.Students and people still find difficulties to learn, to understand the gestures and leaves them confused about what the meaning of gestures apply in context of situation and culture. This confusion is due to countless rules governing proper of gestures.Based on the brief explanation above, speakers of languages in certain cultures that use “gestures” can change the meaning or the meaning conveyed. Thus, the problem is like what gesture used by speakers of the language so that what is delivered is not responded well, of course based on different cultural backgrounds. Gestures serve different purposes in language. Function gestures make symbol of language has meaningful. Content of gestures are the symbols that communicate meaning in contexts. Clearly, people must know kinds of gestures to understand what they act.