Budaya Pop Dalam Tradisi Shalawatan Pada Masyarakat Pedesaan


This paper is a reflection of the research that has been done to the KH. A. Maulana Jamaludin Al-Busyiri (Haji Ule) and K.H. Salimul Apip (Ajengan Apip). Both are actively promoting activities of Sholawat from stage to stage with musical accompaniment-accompaniment in remote corners of West Java. On stage-a stage that is the poem, Sholawat chanted by borrowing a tone of songs which were popular on the tongue of the community, such as the tone of the song iwak peye, tum hi ho and others. Shalawatan used to be conducted at the mosque-the mosque, in houses with great solemnity and loaded with weights ruhaniah now appear more lively, more popular, more entertaining. The influence of pop culture looks very real in stage-stage of Sholawat on it, and this is a social fact that hinted at the middle of the occurrence of the transformation of religion in rural communities.