IbM Kelompok Ternak Unggas Di Kecamatan Manuju Kabupaten Gowa Propinsi Sulawesi Selatan


The target of this devotion activity is the group of poultry breeder Baji Minasa and Cahaya Po'rong in Manuju Subdistrict Gowa regency of South Sulawesi. The productivity of livestock in this group has not been good or is still said to be low. Bran ammonia by utilizing  feces and bran around as high protein source as well as an herbal medicine for ducks and domestic chickens as feed additive and composting. After that proceed with the socialization of activity programs on members of livestock groups. The execution phase is carried out by counseling on the importance of providing and making feeds independently by utilizing local resources and the importance of sanitation or bio-security in village management. The method used is PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal)/RRA (Rapid Rural Appraisal). Methods of approach to solving problems, including counseling, training and visits, field school education (SL), and learning by doing. Through this activit y farmers and agricultural extension, workers are expected to synergize to learn to utilize the available local resources into nutrient-rich feed by self-production thereby reducing the cost of raising livestock. The results obtained by tabulating the given questionnaire indicate that the breeder does not recognize alternative feed sources of high protein and wants continuous counseling, given the knowledge of breeders and the introduction of technology is still lacking. Overall the resul ts obtained are very positive responses as well as the active participation of members of livestock groups