Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Melalui Pengolahan Buah Nipah (Nypa Fruticans, Wurmb) Menjadi Berbagai Produk Olahan Dan Pembentukan Sentra Industri Kecil Di Kecamatan Langsa Timur Kota Langsa


This program is designed to answer the problem of unavailability of potential human resources in processing and utilizing the potential of local raw materials as a business that can be developed to increase the income of local farmers. With the implementation of this pioner program, the training is designed, Establishment of Joint Business Group "KUBE" and Opening and expanding partner marketing network for farmer group of Sungai Lueng village "Tunas Harapan" and farmer group "Karya Bersama" Sukarejo village. Training materials include processing of nipah products such as dodol products, candied nipah, and nipah fruit syrup. The whole process of science and technology transfer planned to be implemented with the pattern of education and training and mentoring which include: socialization, training, and assistance to farmer groups of Sungai Lueng village "Tunas Harapan" and farmers group "Karya Bersama" Sukarejo village