Aplikasi Teknologi Pakan Dan Pengolahan Limbah Ternak Pada Kelompok Peternak Sapi Pedaging Di Kabupaten Bantaeng


Feed and animal waste aspects are an important component and become the main problem of beef farmers in Bantaeng District. The potential of agricultural and livestock waste is very large, however, until now has not been fully utilized. The objective of this activity is to increase the capacity of beef farmers to utilize the potential of agricultural and livestock waste into feed and organic fertilizer products. In addition, it is “Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi”. The “Ipteks bagi Masyarakat (IbM)” programs become one of the solution to the problem. IbM programs for beef farmers has been implemented in Ulugalung village, Eremerasa Sub-district, Bantaeng District, South Sulawesi province. Partners of beef farmer group involved are Livestock Farmer Group (LFG) "Samaturu" and "Cappa Buri". The method of application of technology program was implemented in the form of training program and technology assistance. Some of the technology packages that have been implemented are: 1) straw ammoniac technology processing, 2) complete silage fermentation technology, 3) liquid organic fertilizer manufacturing technology (biourin) and local microorganism manufacturing technology (MOL) and 4) Urea Molasses Block (UMB) supplement feeding technology. The results of the activities can increase the capacity of partner members in processing agricultural and livestock waste as animal feed and organic fertilizer