Perbaikan Desain Mesin Pengering Kopra Sistim Tungku Vertikal: Upaya Produksi Kopra Berdaya Saing


Implementation of this research has been carried out in the copra small industries "Bangun Mandiri" in Kupang and aim to expand inter island marketing as one of community welfare. Outputs and outcomes are achieved such as improving quality and quantity of white copra products through improved designs of multi-functional vertical furnace system copper dryers, especially in-house improvements, door frames, outer boxes and fireplaces as well as increased capital investment in the form of oven machinery; an increase in sales turnover of 30%; conducting Lab-scale research for possibility consuming dry coconut shells that have been patented as an additive of copra-scented foods/drinks and expansion of marketing area through Pentahelix's partnership to accelerate inter island marketing. Measurable outcome is to produce oven machine with complete design, also publication on scientific journal. In the future it is expected that the SMEs can further focus to quality control by involving academics or local government. To wake up consumer confidence is also required efforts of local academics to periodically strive for program assistance activities and production management to make a teaching factory so that Pentahelix collaboration is established to produce small industries areas with highly competitive and prosper to the middle/lower communities and alleviate poverty, especially kopra.