Pengurangan Kadar Minyak Pada Abon Ikan Produksi Savitri Dan Tiaras Dengan Penerapan Alat Peniris Serbaguna Di Kota Kupang


Community Partnership Program in small home industry of making fish floss brand "Savitri" and "Tiaras" in Kupang city in the form of application of electric centrifugation filter model has been implemented. One of the problems in the production of Savitri and Tiaras fish floss is that there is still a lot of oil in the frying product which is only drained on a simple sieve and then placed for some time on traditional tools of filter and paper that can cause low quality and low quality, so it is necessary to reduce the oil yield frying fish floss product. In order to increase the added value and selling value of the products, it is necessary synergy between Universities and Partners in the form of application of the results of science and technology to the public. The main components of the composer of the versatile filter are the cylindrical plate as the bucket of the filter, the cylinder filter, the electric dynamo as the centrifuge system rotator and the load-bearing construction. The method of this program is the provision of materials, design and manufacture of tools, demonstration tools and the provision of a versatile filter cylinder system centrifuge model by the team, simulation tools, special counseling at the location of partners and suggestions as a follow-up in the endurance of production. The output of this program can provide added value in the form of the use of this tool can improve labor efficiency, increase productivity partners by producing 40 kg to 50 kg raw material, raw fish marlin, fish meat after cleaning, processed, fried, in and packed into 80-100 packs of fish floss with the price of Rp. 40,000.00 per package weighing 250 grams. With estimated partners will earn a profit of Rp 3,200,000 - 4,000,000.00 per production or 12,800,000.00 - 16,000,000.00 per month in cash and consumptions, as well as the abundance of non-greasy, clean and hybrid fish products