Pengembangan Tortilla dan Biskuit Jagung Sebagai Produk Unggulan Desa Campor dan Sambiyan Kecamatan Konang Kabupaten Bangkalan Madura


Campor and Sambiyan village in Konang district had lime soil structure with sandy clay texture, so in the winter the soil was sticky. The occupation of most people there were farming, animal, husbandary and fishing. One of the considered food agricultural crop of Campor and sambiyan village was corn plant. It was needed a social service Program, such as RISMA (Research Result Implementation Grant for society) based on corn processing product inovation as famous product in Campor and Sambiyan vilage. The aim of this program was to improve people knowledge and skill of corn flour processing into corn processing product (such as tortilla and corn biscuit) and to introduce proper packaging method and product marketing in accordance with corn processing development to increase people income. Monitoring and evaluation showed that the participants could do inovation on basic formulation by adding ingredients to enhance the product flavor and cryspines, packed and sold the products in smale scale marketing